Perfect Double Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies

…um, if that recipe title doesn’t catch your eye, I don’t know what will!   These are the best, most peanut buttery cookies ever.   I’ve formulated this recipe over several trial and error sessions and they have become the favorite.  Apparently they’re a favorite among my neighbor and friends too…I’ve had requests for the recipe as well as orders for dough.

Seriously…make these!

Double Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies

2 1/4 c. Flour

1 t. Baking soda

1/2 t. Salt

1 (4-serving size) box of instant vanilla pudding mix

3/4 c. Peanut butter (creamy and crunchy both work, however this isn’t the place for the natural/refrigerated type…you’re making cookies, for heaven’s sake!)

1/2 c. Butter, softened

1/2 c. Sugar

1/2 c. Light brown sugar

2 Eggs

1 t. Vanilla

1 – 2 c. Peanut butter chips (I like fewer chunks…but that’s a just personal opinion)

In the bowl of a mixer, beat butter, peanut butter and both sugars until creamy.


Add eggs and vanilla and mix well.  Slowly add in all dry ingredients, scraping the bowl as needed.

(Speaking of scraping the bowl, I got a new mixer a couple of months ago after selling my old one on the neighborhood swap site …this one allows for bowl scraping and ingredient adding WHILE it is running.  Sweet!)

Stir in chips.  Scoop dough into large walnut-sized balls and place them on a lined baking sheet.


Freeze the dough for at least an hour.   Once frozen, transfer to a freezer bag and freeze for up to 3 months.

To bake, preheat oven to 350.  Place dough balls on a cookie sheet (they don’t spread much) and bake (from frozen – don’t thaw) for 10-12 minutes   Of you’d like them a bit flatter, about halfway through the baking time, quickly and gently press the cookies down slightly with a pancake spatula.



100 Books -Meredith

again, this list is for my own record of what my big girls has been reading for pleasure.   If that’s something that you find interesting….read on.

  1.  Everything Dogs
  2. How to Speak Dog
  3. Moose
  4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days
  6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules
  7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck
  8. Friends, Making Them and Keeping Them
  9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth
  10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel
  11. Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw
  12. Girls and Their Dogs
  13. Pandas and Other Endangered Species
  14. Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul
  15. Heidi Heckelbreck Casts a Spell
  16. Heidi Heckelbreck in Disguise
  17. the Sea Wolves
  18. Laine
  19. McKenna Ready to Fly!
  20. Hair’s Looking at You
  21. Meet Kaya
  22. Wild Horses
  23. The Bizarre Life Cycle of a Salmon
  24. Migrating with the Salmon
  25. Jaguars
  26. Tigers
  27. Wild Horses
  28. Endangered Wolves
  29. White Fang
  30. Wolf Packs
  31. Anteaters, Sloths, and Armadillos
  32. The Good Dog
  33. The Pet War
  34. Coyotes
  35. Babymouse Our Hero
  36. Heidi Heckelbreck Goes to Camp
  37. Heidi Heckelbreck Gets Glasses
  38. Wolves
  39. Swimming with Sharks
  40. Babymouse Rockstar
  41. Jackals
  42. The Red, White, and Blue Crew
  43. Barn Cat
  44. Old Wolf
  45. The Truth of Me
  46. Mia, The Way the Cupcake Crumbles
  47. The Write Stuff
  48. Bent out of Shape
  49. Heidi Heckelbreck and the Tie-dyed Bunny
  50. A Friend for Lakota
  51. Heidi Heckelbreck and the Christmas Surprise
  52. Trash Mountain
  53. Samantha’s Winter Party
  54. Clifford and the Grouchy Neighbors
  55. Heidi Heckelbreck is not a Thief!
  56. The Purr-fecto Present
  57. Marion Strikes a Pose
  58. Ellie and the Good Luck Pig
  59. Ivy + Bean Take Care of the Babysitter
  60. Molly’s A+ Partner
  61. Bernese Mountain Dogs
  62. Ivy + Bean and the Ghost that had to go
  63. Amy’s Very Merry Christmas
  64. Indiana
  65. Watch me Grow Panda
  66. Heidi Heckelbreck Might be Afraid of the Dark
  67. Raccoons
  68. A Forest World
  69. The One and Only
  70. Wolf Stalker
  71. A Very Babymouse Christmas
  72. Heidi Heckelbreck and the Secret Admirer
  73. Babymouse Burns Rubber
  74. Animals in Danger in North America
  75. Fennec Foxes
  76. Your Neighbor the Coyote
  77. Coyote the Barking Dog
  78. Wolves
  79. Can we Save the Tiger?
  80. Flipper Killer Whale Trouble
  81. Terriers and Tiaras Reunion
  82. The Foxes
  83. Heidi Heckelbreck is Ready to Dance!
  84. Waggit’s Tale
  85. Prairie Dogs
  86. Collared Peccary Cactus Eater
  87. Kaya and Lone Dog
  88. American Bison A Scary Prediction
  89. Project Fun-way
  90. Bambi’s Children
  91. Lassie Adventure in Alaska
  92. Siberian Husky
  93. Gray Wolves Howling Pack Mammals
  94. Caribou and Reindeer, too
  95. Heidi Heckelbreck gets the Sniffles
  96. The Silver Saga
  97. The Hidden Life of Wolves
  98. Kit’s Home Run
  99. Wolves
  100. Little Cats

per usual, it is a fun mix of girlie chapter books, vintage books, and advanced animal readers.

She is not sure what prize she would like for this completed list.   Might have to be her contribution toward a new air mattress that she and Marielle have to replace, due to the busting of the previous one. 😫


We made it to Christmas Eve Eve!   I surprised the girls with an extra day off of school this morning ( wisely waiting until they were up, washed, dressed, fed, and had their beds made!) so they’ve been happily playing Wii, making and wrapping last minute gifts, and being as noisy as two kids can be in the days before Christmas!

I have been using my free hours to clean (bathroom floor grout, even…only because I know weather warm enough to allow the window to be open during that fume filled chore probably won’t be back for months) and do laundry.   And to drink coffee and bake a few items that can be prepared ahead.  And snack on a couple (okay, make a lunch out) of Gram’s candies.  Thank you, Corie for that delicious recipe!

Just as I was heading up to take a shower (in my clean, hopefully aired out bathroom), my phone rang.   Joann Fabrics calling to tell me the (Christmas) cross stitch I dropped off to have framed almost a month ago was ready to be picked up.

This would ordinarily be welcome, good news.  Especially since it was dropped off for framing well before their “get it in time for Christmas ” cutoff date.  But, when I was selecting the frame and paying for it, the clerk informed me they were really backed up and it wouldn’t be finished for Christmas.   After getting over my initial annoyance, I decided that was fine.  No worries, I will just display it next December and be happy to have it.  Seriously, if I don’t take an attitude like that in that store, I would have blood pressure through the roof.  Or hurt someone.  Or both.!

Anyway, so now I’m at that decision point of,  do I…drop everything- interrupt the kids’ fun- drive over to the busiest/worst/most hectic shopping area in the whole state on one of the last shopping days before Christmas….or not?!

I think not.  I’d already decided it would be a next-year’s decoration.   Sigh.

Wonder if Amazon offers custom framing?  If they do, I am in!  In all honesty, no one would have any gifts under our tree without Amazon this year.  There’d be no coffee in my mug this morning either (1st Prime Pantry order was a success!).

I guess I’ll go shower and maybe try to finish up my Christmas quilt.   That way there’d be a little bit of new handmade cheer around here!

14 things on the 14th

  1.  Christmas is in 11 days!  Eek!   And, for our immediate family’s celebration – 10 days!  Eek!
  2. Approx 90% of my shopping is finished…but about 50% of that has yet to be delivered.  We did quite a bit of Amazon ordering over a week and a half’s time…some stuff had the option to receive a credit for opting for the no-rush shipping (yes, please!) but some did not.  Boxes are arriving daily and thankfully I have a detailed & organized list.
  3. The girls had a birthday party to attend over the weekend at the ice rink…which we realized we’d not visited (any!) since last year.   Such a change from our schedule a couple of years ago.  And, while they both firmly repeated their dislike for competitions, they both seem to have a renewed interest in lessons.  Sigh.  We (fortunately) live much closer to a good facility.  We (unfortunately) aren’t overly familiar with some the coaches.  The next round of lessons fires up after New Year’s, so we’ll see.  Had they mentioned this a wee bit earlier, it would have been a no-brainer/no-clutter Christmas gift idea!  Grrrr…
  4. Also over the weekend, we got our tree!   It’s a tad Charlie Brownish but we love it.  Selection at Lowe’s less than two weeks from Christmas was minimal.  We all agreed on one and decorated it the next day. Only one ornament casualty during the process.  I call that a win.
  5. I shopped for the tree (after dark, mind you!), decorated it all the following morning, cleaned up the living room afterwards…all in a short sleeved shirt.  Yes, I still live in Indiana.  We have had a sweet blast of warm weather (60’s and even 70 degrees!) that I know many people are hating this time of year.  Sorry.  I’m sure you’ll get some winter soon and all of the rest of us will have to come down off of our warm winter high.
  6. Hermes has been steadily causing minor trouble each night, which is (still) fun.  He’s hiding out in the tree today, where I can’t get a picture.
  7. I haven’t been cooking or making too much lately…but I’m busy trying to plan out what treats I’m making for our friends & neighbors.
  8. I have been reading a delightfully fascinating book lately…The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs. Beeton by Kathryn Hughes.   I’d never heard of her until I found this gem in the little free library down the street.  After I read all about Mrs. Beeton, I’m going to have to read her books.
  9. If I had a better yard/location for a little free library, I’d totally have one.  I’m slightly obsessed with them.  I’ve even stopped the car three blocks from the regular public library (with bags full of checked out books in tow!) to look for just one more.
  10. I haven’t finished my Christmas quilt yet, and it isn’t looking like it will happen before this Christmas.  I’m having fun working on it though, so that’s a plus.
  11. I made two Christmas flag banners as gifts in the last week or so.  On a whim, I decided to list them on the neighborhood garage sale Facebook site and sold them both in an hour.  One of the buyers told me her friends were interested too and I should have an etsy shop.  I’ve totally considered it over the years, but always feel like it’s just done and over done.  The vote of confidence is nice though!
  12. Just found out that my former doctor (who I liked very much and had the easiest/best office staff to deal with/call/get quick appointments) was arrested for trading prescription drugs for sex.  Nice!
  13. Mike and I have been watching lots of old episodes of Perry Mason in the evenings recently.   They’re so good.  And commercial free.  I can’t understand how anyone can watch regular, commercial filled, inappropriate in a house with kids-type tv.
  14. I have three of the most spoiled dogs ever….image


Well, I STILL don’t have the Christmas decorations/lights out. I’m getting quite a bit of pressure from my kids (Marielle, mostly) and I did just commit myself to a day of decorating tomorrow.  So, that’ll be fun, right?  Maybe I’ll be fired up about it in the morning?!

I did buy 2 gifts today, so that’s a start!  I’m not sure where my Christmasy motivation went, but it’s ever so slowly coming to me.  I even worked on a lap quilt of some of my most cherished Christmas fabrics this afternoon.


Apollo even helped!


And I’m not too sure what Hermes is up to, but lounging in the Garden God statue with a sock monkey, the little clay Pan head that Meredith made and my very cherished-would-be-quite-pissed-if-they-were-broken (by an elf!) sheepdogs MIGHT be the most ridiculous yet.


Thursday, Friday Hermes

Skipping posts in the first week!  Ugh, I’m slipping!

To my credit, Thursday was an ultra-busy day.  I have a yearly dermatologist appointment to check for any suspicious spots (and you should too!).    I ALWAYS book the following year’s appointment when I’m checking out, so I won’t be tempted to ‘forget’ it.  I also do this every 6 months when I’m finishing up a dental visit. Unfortunately, the dermatologist and dentist appointment fell on the same day (Thursday) and I didn’t dare try to reschedule.  The girls always go along and have their dental visits at the same time, so that’d be 3 rescheduled appointments I would have been trying to squeeze in at the end of the year/already-met-the-deductible-so-better-go-before-2016 kind of month!  So, since the appointments were at 1:00 and 2:20 I just decided we’d do it all and hope we were on time.  I live on the edge, folks.

And I won’t keep you on the edge of your seat…we made it and everyone got a clean bill of health. Well, I was praised for my “proactive attitude toward my skin health”  and “excellent sunscreen use” but later scolded for not going to have my remaining two wisdom teeth removed at the oral surgeon they so kindly referred me to 6 month as ago.  What can I say?  I’d rather lather on the sunscreen than have teeth cut out?!  Duh.  We also learned that Marielle has an extra tooth!  Special!  I got to see it on the x-ray and everything!  (On a side note, I am NOT squeamish or uneasy about most things medical…but a child’s full mouth x-ray with all of those permanent teeth WAY up there and so many baby teeth still all lined up makes me a bit queasy.   No wonder teething babies are miserable.)

Anywhoo, Hermes has been up to his usual mischief.


Hermes found himself in my bowl of potatoes on Thursday morning. (Along with his pal, I guess!). This was somewhat challenging as we can’t touch our sweet elf, so the potatoes were out.  Marielle wisely decided the peppermint should be off limits too, just to be safe.

Friday we found Hermes with Rosie (also a troublesome sidekick) having a little high chair tea party.


So, so ridiculous.